The primary focus for the deaf children is on learning to listen, talk, read and succeed in mainstream society.

Once listening skills are developed a deaf child can begin to develop speech and language skills that will allow them to communicate in the mainstream.

Some people believe that deaf children can do everything BUT hear, but with proper amplification (hearing aids or cochlear implants) PID and ISP and those committed to the auditory/oral approach believe that deaf children can do everything AND hear! This is particularly true today with the advent of powerful hearing aids, cochlear implants and comprehensive One-on-One Speech Therapy in an inclusion setting.

PID was founded in 1988 by an outstanding Special Education Teacher, inspired by her mother’s half a century work for the deaf at the Philippine Department of Education, the late Dr. Sergia G. Esguerra, with the help of the 15-Man Board of Directors. It was originally the Julie Esguerra Speech Center [JESC]. Though the dissolution of JESC in 1988 and all its assets donated to the Sergia Esguerra Memorial Foundation, Inc.[SEMFI], with the high cost of One-on-One Speech Therapy and the many indigent qualified deaf children accepted in the programs, it became increasingly difficult to meet the financial needs of the school.